Youth Baseball Training Instruction (pitching,catching, hitting, & fielding) Houston, TX. Cypress, Katy, West Houston.


Baseball Instructor: Justin Higgs

Baseball Instructor: Justin Higgs

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Houston, TX- Houston Baseball Pro is currently scheduling pitching, hitting, fielding lessons for youth baseball players from little league to adult in the Katy, Cypress, Cy-Fair and Houston area.

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HoustonBaseballPro is dedicated to providing quality pitching instruction and hitting lessons at affordable prices for youth baseball players athletes ages 6 and up who are looking to improve their velocity, accuracy, batting average, and increase hitting power. One-on-one pitching instruction and specialized hitting drills provide the individualized attention and guidance that young pitchers and hitters can  utilize to take their skills to the next level.

Baseball Hitting Instruction w/ Coach Justin Higgs

Baseball Hitting Instruction w/ Coach Justin Higgs

Houston Baseball Lessons from an Experienced Youth Baseball Coach

Justin Higgs has over 15 years of pitching, catching and hitting experience and has been coaching and giving private lessons for the last 2 years. The philosophy of Houston Baseball pro is to keep things simple and provide the most effective results. Baseball talent in Houston is as rich as it gets and competition to increase velocity pitching and to hit for more power is in demand by coaches at every level. Through the proper mechanics a pitcher can be taught a proper pitching motion which will enable him to increase velocity and control and also reduce injury. It has been proven that no longer does genetics dictate how much velocity a pitcher has or how hard and far he can hit the ball. The new top factor in becoming a elite pitcher is hard work with the right instruction, drills, and coaching advice.


Baseball Instruction is the Solution  More Playing Time

The name of the game in all levels of baseball is to play the most innings and get the most opportunities at bat to achieve success on the field and make it to the next level. 90% of youth pitchers have poor mechanics and have a short stride length and early release which puts excessive stress on the rotator cuff. Balance, torque energy, directional momentum, and linear and rotational mechanics are the same as in hitting and pitching which is to generate the most power possible in the simplest mechanics possible. With the proper training I can teach a youth baseball player how to get more hits for contact, throw harder, increase accuracy, and reduce errors when fielding. Everything in life is about getting 1% better each and every day. Part of life is just showing up, but working with a instructor such as me who can make your athlete 10% or 100% better in just a few training sessions is well worth it. The goal to succeed in life just as on the baseball field is about learning from experiences and receiving in return opportunities such as college scholarships, promotions, leadership and success in competition. I am scheduling private baseball lessons on a year round basis in the Houston area and I would like to help your youth or high school baseball player take his game to the next level.

Schedule your session and Take Your Baseball Skills to the Next level!!!
Baseball Lessons are booking fast!

Price Per 1 Hour Baseball Lesson is $75.00

(Note: I only do 1 hour sessions as it is the most effective length of time to ensure proper teaching and enough repetitions can be completed for necessary improvement. Any coach that does 30 minute sessions is more so after your pocket book as its hard to pick up balls several times and get a quality hitting/pitching lesson in with such a short time frame. I strive to get the best effort and seek to improve every players success within the game and its important he/she receive the appropriate one on one private instruction.)


All sessions are by appointment only and limited to availability. Summer and Spring Break there will be morning and evening/weekend availability. During the school year I am available select evenings and on the weekend.
5 Session Packages are available Paid in full up front for $325.00
Give me a call today!
Justin Higgs
Youth Baseball Instructor
832-814-9887 (call or text)
Max Rep Academy, 9911 Tanner Rd. Houston, TX 77041

Max Rep Academy, 9911 Tanner Rd. Houston, TX 77041

Baseball Training Facility Address
Max Rep Academy
9911 Tanner Rd. 
Houston, TX 77041
(Located just North of Beltway 8 and Tanner Rd. near Gessner in West Houston/Spring Branch)

Youth / High School / Adult League Pitching Instruction

The components of a good pitcher include early momentum downhill, the ability to have a powerful leg stride, having late hip to shoulder separation, and implementing late release of the ball to increase movement on pitches. The same mechanics that the National Pitching Association and all major league, college and high school pitchers have can all be found in high velocity pitchers that have dominated hitters in their age groups at each level. The pitchers who have been the most durable and have played the most innings in their careers have avoided injury and learned to have long strides and throw with their body rather than the old school tall and fall approach.
Think of how Nolan Ryan had that high leg kick, then had that long stride. Now think of this, that man that accumulated the most strikeouts in the history of baseball also would go into the clubhouse between innings and was able to do the splits. Nolan Ryan was such a good pitcher he would rotate his hips after his front foot had struck the dirt and he would follow through with his release of the baseball almost 6 feet in front of the rubber. On top of having a 93 mph fastball, he was closer than all of those pitchers that simply stepped and threw all arm with only the power of the ligaments to help them. Eventually those “arm throwers” will become a self fulfilling prophecy and they will throw their arms out, while pitchers with proper mechanics utilizing a simpler yet more effective 2 phase delivery approach will pass them by with increased velocity and mound success. I teach the pitching mechanics that are used by high velocity pitchers at all levels of baseball. I feel there is an advantage in the ability to build hip and shoulder flexibility as well as implementing pitching specific throwing program early on in a pitchers career, long before youth baseball players even think about weight training.
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The explosive movements of the legs, hips and core in relation to pitching and throwing downhill can only benefit if proper pitching mechanics are stressed and taught by a qualified instructor early on. If your pitcher is having trouble finding command of the strike zone or not making the most of his physical ability, schedule a private baseball lesson with me and lets get him back on track to pitching with confidence and control. I feel I can help any pitcher increase velocity, control, and even dominate and strikeout hitters before they even come to bat. Each pitchers first session he will receive a full  video analysis from each angle of his pitching motion and we will determine his pitching velocity and arm strength so that we can set goals and eliminate flaws that may be restricting increased velocity. and My experience will help me in coaching your youth ballplayer to success.
Give your pitcher the competitive edge and schedule a pitching lesson with me today.
My schedule is quickly filling and I want to take him to the next level!!!
Justin Higgs
Pitching Instructor
  • Video Analysis
  • Pitching Specific Drills
  • Throwing Program Designed for Pitchers
  • Mental Strategy Advice for Mound Success
  • Pitching Evaluation of Velocity and Mechanics

Youth Hitting Instruction to Increase Baseball Swing Speed / Batting Average / Power / Balance

Sports science has proven that the best hitters in the game that hit for the most power are those with the highest swing speed in mph when the bat comes into the strike zone. When a batted ball comes into contact with a baseball bat the ball only makes contact for a portion of a millisecond before it is sent one way or another either fair or foul. We can agree that the most effective baseball swing is also the one that takes the simplest, quickest path to the baseball and which has the most power in the follow through. Through hand eye coordination, balance, and the right linear stride and rotational swing path any hitter can increase his base hits, line drives, and bat exit speed. Through specific baseball batting drills and practice in each baseball lesson I can have your baseball player increasing his bat speed and power every at bat. As your youth or college player reaches each level the pitchers are becoming more difficult to hit off of and a hitter must have the best balance and simplest swing to succeed. I have had power hitting success and would like to use my knowledge as a hitter for the last 15 years to help power your youth batter to the next level. In the first lesson I like to do a video analysis of each hitter to get the current bat exit speed ratio of a batted ball being hit off of a hitting tee. From there I video a hitters swing from the side and front angle so as to form a foundation of where the hitters swing is now, and how we can improve and make that swing more efficient. Through private baseball lessons hitting drills such as front toss, side toss, momentum hitting drills, stride drills and resistance drills I am positive your youth player will increase his average, balance and focus with each swing of the bat. Your youth player isn’t going to stop aging and neither is his competition, get him the edge now to dominate pitchers and exceed his competition. You will find he will soon be hitting earlier in the line up, getting more at bats, and getting more opportunities to shine when the game is on the line!!!
  • Increase Batting Swing Speed
  • Batting Drills to Increase Hand Eye Coordination
  • ABC Hitting Mechanics Simple and Effective
  • Video Analysis of Linear and Rotational Hitting Stance
  • Hitters Strategy to Mentally Dominate Each At Bat
Schedule your hitting analysis and baseball batting session today!
Justin Higgs
Hitting Instructor
Catcher Receiving Drills

Catcher Receiving Drills

Catcher Instruction To Throw Out More Baserunners

Over my 15 year playing career I spent time playing catcher, pitcher, infield and outfield. Like most baseball players I liked to be in the action of the game and catching is definitely an exciting position to experience and see everything going on during a baseball game. A catcher is the co captain of all action on the baseball field and dictates a large part of how successful a pitcher is. An effective catcher can limit how many runs score each game and can further be one of the greatest assets a team can have. Through my experience I can help teach your catcher how to be the best receiver for each of his pitchers, how to throw out more runners stealing bases, and demonstrate the proper footwork to simplify catching and throwing in a timely matter. As a catcher everything is about speed, whether it be framing pitchers or throwing out runners a catcher must have the baseball instinct to be a leader on the baseball diamond to not only the pitchers he is receiving for but the teammates that he must position defensively. There is not many baseball instructors that know how to teach youth baseball players how to become effective catchers. I would like to assist your youth catcher in becoming not only the best catcher on his team, but a catcher that every pitcher wants to have. By being an effective catcher your athlete will see more playing time on the field than any other position player that will be rotated in and out as the game progresses. No team wants to play without their leader and the catching position is the one foundation for any successful team to have. Let me make your youth catcher into the best he can be.
  • Learn Stance and Proper Footwork
  • Increase Ability to Get Called Strikes
  • Throw Out Baserunners More Often
  • Become a Baseball Leader
Schedule a Youth Catcher Session and lets get your Catcher in the GAME!!! 
Justin Higgs
Catcher Instructor

Youth Baseball Camps( Pitcher and Hitter) Summer / Winter / Weekend Camps

Baseball camps are a great way for Houston, Cypress, Katy, Cy Fair, Bear Creek and Tomball players to come together to all have the opportunity to elevate each others baseball success. Through specialized pitching and hitting drills youth ballplayers can have a fun time learning the game of baseball and make new friends that they can cherish as they take their game to the next level. Through baseball camps pitchers can work on increasing velocity through drills, increase accuracy through repetition, and learn new effective hitting drills that they can bring back to their teams. A player who works hard and goes to camps in the off-season and does that extra work will always be a valuable asset to any team he is on. Every extra repetition is a step in making your youth baseball player the best in Houston. When little league and high school tryouts come along and they are having college tryout camps and showcases it will be easy to see which athlete did the extra work participating in training camps and taking private lessons. Year round we will be scheduling pitching, fielding and hitting camps so that youth ballplayers from the Houston area can come together and improve their swing, and pitching ability. 
  • Enhance Agility and Quickness
  • Have Fun Getting Better at Baseball
  • Improve Pitch Velocity and Batting Average
  • Meet Friends and Teammates
  • Drills, Tips and Advice to Succeed on the Baseball Field

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Master the mental game of baseball and play for the present – 1 pitch at a time.


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Houston Baseball Pro Baseball Training Extended Territory

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